Sports D³ Value Proposition


  • New markets, new investors, new cashflow management tools: By opening the Sports Industry to the broad public, millions of new investors will populate the marketplace, which will not only increase levels of fan engagement but also potentially increase the valuation of assets to the benefit of their owners. Cash-strapped clubs & young promising athletes have greater flexibility in managing their cashflows by relying on additional funding streams to be able to finance day-to-day operations or Capex, fund an acquisition, realize profits from short-term fluctuations in asset prices. or (in the case of athletes) simply be able to focus on training and not on making their ends meet.

  • Liquidity through Merchandising and Experiences: Clubs have the opportunity to utilize services on the SD³ Platform to promote Digital Merchandise and create unique Digital Experiences through the use of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Fan-Tokens and integrated digital content. Together with our partners, we have developed a unique offering that enables Clubs to seamlessly launch “E³ Campaigns” with a click-of-a-button and create new sources of revenue while still remaining in conformity with regulations. Digital Merchandise and Digital Experiences on the SD³ Platform can also be easily integrated into e-sports or digital collectible platforms.

  • Liquidity without Seasonality: Blockchain-powered marketplace is always ON. With 24/7/365 market access, participants can trade their assets all year round regardless of the championship schedules or transfer season, when players switch their club assignments. This enables clubs to buy and sell their assets at any time as dictated by the financial needs and strategy.

  • New Level of Fan Engagement through DeFi and Digital Media Content: Clubs and Athletes can expect a new level of loyalty and engagement from their fans following the implementation of experiences and ownership through NFTs. A fan sharing in experiences while receiving financial rewards is more loyal than a fan invested only emotionally.

  • New Fan Community Management tools: Token-holders voting and referendums on blockchain provide new inexpensive tools to reward loyalty, pay instant dividends or engage fan-base in the decision-making process instantly. Millions of fans can participate in the referendums on blockchain conducted by the club’s corporate management team or marketing department to gain insights or gauge fan & investor opinion, make a determination on key strategic matters based on the swarm intelligence of the fan community.


  • A new level of engagement through DeFi and Digital Media Content: Allowing for both fans and investors to interact directly with favourite Clubs or Athletes, attend events, meetings, and participate in the Sports D³ Community by voting. Purchase or Earn previously unimaginable experiences with your favourite Players and Teams.

  • Rewards & Participation: Fans will be able to support their favourite clubs in an entirely new way and participate in community polls and votes while getting a share of their team’s or athlete’s economic success resulting from their performance and expressed in financial terms. Make passive income by being the first to find E³ experiences that are likely to accrue in value.


  • Growth of Football popularity: With an additional layer of direct financial interests in a team or a football player, FIFA/UEFA should expect an entirely new level of fans’ emotional investment in the Football game.

  • Transparency: As a public ledger of records, blockchain provides easy tools to track, aggregate, and audit token transactions, to provide sports industry regulators such as FIFA/UEFA with ongoing monitoring and analytics of the industry at any given time.

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