Founder's Address to Investors

Dear Investor,

The pace of major advances in technological evolution has accelerated dramatically over the past few centuries, with the innovations of yesterday supercharging the breakthroughs of tomorrow. Today we are standing at the very dawn of such a breakthrough and the next giant leap for human efficiency, powered by the unique features of blockchain technology.

“I would like to invite you to take part in this exciting new era, where we will be able to witness an unprecedented shift of value and attention to tokenized financial assets, digital experiences and collectible merchandise & memorabilia. The Sports D³ Platform and Marketplace will allow Clubs and players to tap into this massive market to raise alternative capital for their respective needs.

The distributed nature of blockchain, and the alternative systems of value that it enables, will drive the new level of transparency and democratization of the Sports industry, giving millions of sports clubs, young athletes, dedicated fans, and retail investors around the globe equal access to market opportunities previously inaccessible due to the closed nature of the markets. By harnessing the power of unique, digitally scarce, and verifiable sports assets on a blockchain, Sports D³ is aiming to become the leader in democratization of finances in the global sports industry.

Students and alumni of the top-ranked Kellogg Executive MBA program initiated ‘Sports D³’ as an academic project in 2018. Today, the talented team and advisors are ready for the next frontier in establishing the ‘Sports D³’ ecosystem. I invite you to partake in the Sports D³ project.


Gene Swinton

Founder & CEO

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