Sports D³
Utility & NFT Token Use Cases

Platform Use Case: Sports Campaign Launcher

    Clubs on the SD³ Platform have every tool they need to provide alternative financing sources by offering unique, tradable and scarce digital experiences (E³) to fans
    With MeDIA EyE, NFT launchpad is already built for SD³
    Online polls & voting on Blockchain are standard features developed on the SD³ platform which enable sports clubs to monetize fan-engagement and receive additional streams of funds.
    Simpler model than Chiliz, more intuitive for Fans and customers

Marketplace Model

    Like Open Sea, Fans can resell their Fan-Tokens, NFTs and other E³ experiences such as virtual meetups, AMAs, or the right to enter certain physical events
    Fees from the marketplace are used to buyback SD³-Coins
    This creates upward price pressure as a function of demand captured on the SD³ Marketplace
    Buyback formula = 20% quarterly profit x market-rate for SD³-Coins
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