Sports D³
    Q1: Formation of Kellogg Blockchain Club & K-Coin blockchain development, testing & launch
    Q2-Q3: Ideation by Kellogg Crypto Community about Tokenization Platform & Marketplace
    Q3-Q4: 1st edition of Sports D³ white paper published
    Q1: Sports D³ website launch
    Q2: Platform MVP development and testing
    Q3: Set-up of operations, entity registration in EU
    Q4: Signed strategic partnership & collaboration agreement with FC Shakhtar
2020 :
    Q1-Q4: forced shut-down due to COVID-19
    Q3: Crypto wallet and exchange licenses granted by EU regulator to operate in 27 EU jurisdictions
    Q4: SD³ Platform (Proof of Concept) articulation of specs for technology architecture
    Q1: SD³ Platform (PoC) Release 1.0 w/ integration into Ethereum blockchain
    Q2: SD³ Platform (PoC) Release 2.0 w/ focus on peculiarities of various User & Issuer account types
    Q2: SD³ Platform (PoC) Release 3.0 w/ focus on internal system rules & restrictions, KYC/AML, etc
    Q3: In-market test of SD³ Platform PoC by running the first batch of NFT and utility Fan-Token offerings
    Q3: Launch SD³ coin as a native token powering SD³ Platform. Position it as a future cryptocurrency for the sports industry
    Q3-Q4: Business development w/ sports clubs in the US & EU to launch NFT & Utility Fan-Tokens
    Q4: Aggresive onboarding of sports fans to grow SD³ community around the globe
    Q3-Q4: SD³ Platform (PoC) Releases 4.1 & 4.2 focusing on compliance w/ financial regulations
    Q3-Q4: In-market test of SD³ Platform PoC by launching the 1st STO offering to accredited PE clients
    Q1-Q2: Expansion and mass onboarding campaign for SD³ Marketplace, including promoting opportunities in NFT, Fan (Utility)Token and Security Token space
    Q1-Q2: Further development of SD³ Platform proprietary technology & sports industry niche solutions
    Q2-Q3: Secure new financial & investment licenses as a CASP (Crypto Assets Services Provider)
    Q3-Q4: Launch Security Token Offerings to general public and fan-investors
    Q4: Kick-off Series A funding round initiatives
    Horizontal and vertical scaling in other branches of the sports industry and new geographies
    Develop Secondary Trading on the platform. Integration w/ other Digital Assets Exchanges and ATS on the market
    Actively engaging sports industry governing organizations (FIFA, NBA, etc.)
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